Your Kona rental property is a significant investment. However, without quality maintenance and upkeep specific to the Big Island, the condition of your property can decline. When your property falls too far into disrepair, you’ll lose tenants—and face expensive repairs to get the property rent ready again.


Hawaiian weather conditions can affect a property differently than what you deal with at home on the mainland. Yes, landlords here deal with common maintenance problems like water leaks and clogged toilets. In addition to those things, the Big Island can experience hurricane winds, rain, and bleaching sun that can damage your investment property.

Here’s how the right Big Island property maintenance company is the difference you need to keep your Kona investment property in excellent condition in paradise.

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Damage from Extreme Winds

Hawaii is a dream destination for vacation and retirement: with plenty of gorgeous beaches and beautiful temperatures year-round, Kona is a sought-after place to live. 

However, Hawaii is also home to a unique weather system that even gets its name from the Big Island: the “Kona Low.” Normally, the Kona Side of Hawaii is sheltered from some of the more severe storm systems that slam the eastern side of the island. However, during a vicious Kona Storm, your Kona investment home may be at serious risk.

On land, winds can reach speeds of 40 mph to almost 200 mph, causing severe damage and loss of power due to downed lines, trees, and other objects caught in the blast.

Your Big Island property maintenance company should stay vigilant and offer severe weather preventative maintenance services for landlords who desire them, including:

  • Removing dangerous debris and trimming tree branches away from the house
  • Checking the roof and repairing damaged shingles or holes
  • Inspecting siding for holes or cracks
  • Protecting windows and doors before strong winds begin

When your property manager knows how to prepare for high winds before they arrive, your investment property has what it needs to survive the hurricane storm season that runs from June to November, and the Kona Low season from October to April.

Damage from Intense Rain and Storm Surge

Unless you live on the mainland coast, you probably don’t deal with the effects of hurricanes at home—but you might be familiar with the extreme conditions caused by an extratropical storm system. Extreme winds are just the start: imagine driven hail, heavy rainfall, and severe flooding affecting your Hawaiian Dream! Your expert property manager on the Big Island has the experience to know precisely how to maintain your property according to our unique weather conditions.

With hurricane-force winds, intense rain and storm surge become a very real concern. The very winds we discussed earlier can drive rain and rising floodwaters right through your front door. Storm surge causes the ocean water to rise, creating a risk of flooding. Depending on how close your investment property is to the beach, you could suffer water damage from the storm surge as well as the heavy rain that often accompanies Kona Storms and hurricanes alike.

Your expert property manager knows how to apply flood prevention maintenance. After the rain and surge subside, your property manager acts quickly to assess damages and schedule repairs. 

Damage from the Sun and Heat

The sun is one of the Big Island’s most significant assets! However, that sunshine also causes problems for your Kona investment property. 

Heat and intense sun can damage roof shingles, crack pavement, cause caulking to split and gap, and ruin patio furniture. Your Big Island property maintenance company knows to perform routine roof inspections to check for sun-damaged shingles. They’ll also check and repair cracked caulking and driveways before the cracks turn into significant (and expensive) problems.

If your rental property needs a new roof, your property manager can recommend the best roofing solutions to handle both the extreme sun and storm-borne winds. 

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Damage from Salt Spray and Humidity

The beach, sun, and ocean make the perfect setting for a picture-perfect life on the island. However, the saltwater spray and humidity in these conditions can cause unexpected damage to your Kona rental home.

Salt spray clings to windows with corrosive effects. Your property manager knows the importance of regularly cleaning the windows of your property to protect the metal frames of doors and windows. It’s also important to routinely wash siding and other metal parts of the house to remove salt spray.

Warm beach weather is often humid. Too much humidity creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew growth. Without routine professional inspections and maintenance, mold can grow in the bathroom, kitchen, attic, crawlspaces, and outdoor furniture. 

Your expert property manager keeps mold and mildew at bay with routine maintenance. They can also recommend a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity inside the home while to protect you and your tenants.

Maintenance Here Is Different—but We Have It Covered!

Compared to what many of our property owners deal with on the mainland, we handle maintenance conditions that run the gamut. The best Big Island property management company has your investment covered with the experience and services you need to keep your property in excellent condition.

Hawaiian Dream Properties provides the peace of mind you need while on the mainland. We are prepared—every year—for the effects of hurricane season and Kona Storms on your property. Plus, with our routine inspections, we keep an eye on potential damage from the sun, salt spray, and humidity. If we find a problem, our team of contractors repairs damage from the Hawaiian elements right away. 

It’s beautiful here: but don’t let the dream of owning rental property in paradise fool you! Your investment property—and long-term wealthis at risk without professional maintenance and property management. We’re here to help: let us protect your Hawaiian Dream!