Vacationing in Hawaii means kicking back in your piece of paradise—it also means your car sits idle for weeks or months of the year. The good news is that you’ll have lower mileage than average when it’s time to pass your auto on as inheritance! The bad news is that someone needs to drive a vehicle for it to stay in good condition.

Family going on summer vacationYou don’t want to trust just anyone with your Kona vacation property—even your vehicles! The neighborhood teenager that agrees to take your vehicle for a joyride every once in a while may not have your best interests at heart.

Unless you plan frequent vacations to your property, chances are your car isn’t used enough to keep the battery charged and everything working well. Plus, you never know when something could happen to your car if you decide to leave it parked in the driveway.

How often should Kona vacation property owners run their island car? Here are some tips from your local Kona home watch company about what can happen if you leave it alone for too long—and how often it should go for a spin!

Is Your Car Really That Safe?

You might think a car that’s not on the road and is in your Kona vacation property’s driveway or garage is safe! While it’s less likely to be in an accident while at home, your car was meant to be driven! It can be frustrating to come back to the island after a few months away to find your car unable to start—or worse, vandalized.

When a car sits idle for too long, bad things can happen:

  • The battery goes dead: A charged battery requires a charge! The battery in your vehicle can go dead without running the car enough. Turning on the ignition helps keep the battery charged and your vehicle ready for your vacationing.
  • The tires go flat: Your tires can lose air under plenty of circumstances. When your car sits in one place for too long, the weight of the vehicle presses down on the tires. Air leaks out, and your tires can become distorted or flat simply by not being used. Driving your car helps save your tires from flat spotting!
  • An empty car invites unwanted guests: Pests love a nice car. If your vehicle sits in the same spot long enough, it begins to look like a nice new home for rodents or other animals. They might start under the hood or in the tire well. If they feel safe enough in a car that sits too long, pests can find a way inside and destroy your wiring.
  • Pests aren’t the only problem: Your empty vehicle is a prime target for theft or vandalism when left alone too long. Don’t let your vacation dreams be shattered by petty vandalism! You need a pair of eyes on your property at all times.

It’s not difficult to charge a battery or inflate your tires, but doing that too often can be harmful to your automobile. Plus, you never want to arrive for your next vacation to find a family of mice living in your driver’s seat—or to find no driver’s seat at all!

So, what can you do to return your peace of mind? You can’t trust your beautiful Kona vacation home to a house sitter: you need a professional Kona home watch company! Here’s what they can do for your property and your vehicle.

Joyriding Not Allowed!

Your vacation home and your island vehicle are in good hands when you hire a Kona home watch company. Experts recommend driving your car at least once every two or three weeks to keep everything running well. While you’re back on the mainland, you need someone you can trust to handle this task for you.

Home Watch Reporters are professionals. You can trust them not to take your car for a joyride or use it for their daily vehicle while you’re away! The right home watch company will go above and beyond a Kona house sitter. Your professional Home Watch Reporter will:

  • Start your car and take it on a short 15-minute drive during a regularly scheduled property inspection.
  • Make sure your car stays stored safely while you’re away.
  • Alert you if they find vandalism or other damage to your car.
  • Make sure rodents or other pests don’t make a home inside your idle vehicle.
  • Save your money on expensive repairs on a car you rarely drive.

A professional home watch service in Kona can also have your car ready for you when you arrive for your next vacation. A clean car in good working order with a full tank of gas makes enjoying your vacation easier than ever!

When you have precious time to escape to the Big Island, you shouldn’t have to spend it dealing with a car that needs a new battery or has flat tires. A Home Watch Reporter doesn’t just keep a watchful eye on the exterior and interior of your property; you also enjoy the convenience of a safely stored and well-maintained vehicle.

Old classic red car at the beachA Home Watch Service in Kona Is Next-Level Luxury—and Service

The car you use while on the Big Island is a part of your vacation assets. Protecting your vehicle and keeping it in good condition is an essential component—but it’s also part of the excellent service you can expect from a professional home watch service in Kona. Hawaii is your escape: don’t you deserve to have it all?

Hawaiian Dream Home Watch understands what care your vehicles need to stay in excellent condition while you’re away! We’ve been serving homeowners like you protect their Hawaiian Dream since 2004. Our professional Home Watch Reporters provide peace of mind and unparalleled service that a house sitter simply can’t offer.

We’re here to help you enjoy your time on the Big Island! When you trust us to keep your vehicle free of pests and in good driving condition, your slice of paradise just got even better. Get in touch with us today so we can show you the luxury-level service you deserve while you’re away!