Owning a rental condo in Kona is a great way to generate long-term income as an investment property owner. However, managing a condo can come with some different challenges compared to owning and renting out a detached single-family home in Kona.

Whether your condo is a short-term or long-term rental, when you work with Big Island condo management, you don’t have to worry about enforcing the community rules your condo exists under. You also don’t have to deal with the conflict between neighbors in nearby condos: your property manager handles everything!

The idea of playing referee to fighting neighbors—especially while you live on the mainland—probably isn’t appealing to you. Here’s what you need to know about managing your condo and fielding neighbor conflict on the Big Island. 


What Is a Condo?

A condo can be as large (or larger) than a detached single-family home. However, a condo (short for “condominium”) attaches to other residences within the same building. You’ll find at least one shared wall between most condos in a building.

Different from an apartment, most condos have single owners instead of a building owner or management company that owns all of the units in the building. However, most condo communities are similar to apartment communities in that they share spaces, like pools, playgrounds, and dog parks, for use by community condo owners and their tenants.

Most condo buildings have a governing board that makes and enforces the rules of living in a condo in the community. They also manage the common spaces and amenities.

When an investment property owner has a condo in the community, their tenants must follow the rules in the lease agreement as well as the rules of the condo community. In most cases, your lease agreement should include the condo community rules.

For investment property owners, you don’t have to worry about these rules! Your Big Island condo management company makes sure your tenants follow the lease and the condo community rules. 

When There’s a Conflict

With shared walls between condos and shared community spaces and amenities, it’s not uncommon for conflict to come up between neighbors. Your tenants could be involved in things like:

  • Noise complaints from other tenants or condo owners
  • Neglecting the rules about picking up after (approved) pets
  • Ignoring the rules at the pool or on the playground
  • Violating rules about when and how to dispose of trash
  • An ongoing maintenance problem
  • Harassment.
    property management

If a neighbor reports a problem with your tenant, your property manager can investigate and deal with the issue. If the complaint is a result of your tenant refusing to follow the condo rules (and the lease agreement), your property manager can take steps to work with your tenant to address the problem.

Your expert property manager is responsible for making sure your tenants understand the rules of the condo and the lease. They can also assess fines for violations as outlined in the lease agreement. If a tenant refuses to follow the rules, and a neighbor conflict continues, your property manager can begin the eviction process to remove your tenant.

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If the Other Neighbor Is the Problem

If your tenant has a complaint about another tenant, your Big Island condo management company can work on behalf of your Kona property and your tenant. However, they have limited options to change the behavior of another condo resident. 

Your expert property manager can contact the condo board to report the issue, then encourage your tenant to do the same. If a neighbor damages your condo, your property manager will seek legal counsel about how to seek compensation for damages.

Tenant Screening Helps Prevent Conflicts!

Making sure your condo has an excellent tenant helps prevent conflicts between neighbors. Your expert property manager has a thorough screening process to find tenants who will follow the rules of the condo community and your lease agreement.

You want your tenants to be good neighbors and avoid problems with your neighbors. This is critical for long-term rentals, as well as short-term vacation rentals. A series of bad tenants won’t make your condo neighbors any happier than a terrible long-term tenant who causes ongoing problems.

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Avoid Neighbor Conflict with Expert Kona Property Management!

You don’t want to babysit tenants in your condo to make sure they behave and stay out of trouble with the neighbors. Nor do you need troublesome neighbors trashing what you’ve worked so hard to build! With the right Big Island condo management, you won’t have to worry about resolving conflict or screening for good tenants who will keep your investment trouble-free.

You might plan to use your condo in Kona for vacations or as your retirement home. Hawaiian Dream Properties can find tenants who are an excellent addition to your condo community; when it’s time for you to stay in your condo, you’ll be a welcome resident, too!

It’s our job to understand the rules for your condo community and make sure your tenants keep the peace. If you’re ready for peace of mind when it comes to who lives in your condo, let’s get started! Get in touch with Hawaiian Dream Properties, and see how we can protect your Hawaiian Dream!