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    What Waikoloa Village Real Estate Trends to Investigate When Buying a New Property

    Hawaiian Dream Properties

    When you want to grow your investment property portfolio, you need information about the real estate market. The data tells you if it's an excellent time to buy a new property and where you should focus your search. 

    You need experts with the data and insight into the Big Island real estate market. There are plenty of real estate agents in the area—but where do you go for expertise that can help you get a great deal on a new property that's also ideal as a rental? 

    At Hawaiian Dream Properties, we keep an eye on the trends to help our investors know when—and where—to add another property to their portfolios. Whether it's your next rental property or your future retirement home, here's what to look for when studying the real estate trends for Waikoloa Village. 

    Types of Properties

    What kind of investment property works best for your portfolio? Are you looking for a condo, an apartment, or a single-family home? 

    Depending on the current market trends, you might need to adjust the type of property to add to your portfolio or wait until the market is more favorable for your ideal property type. If you're looking for single-family properties, 2019 has been an excellent year to purchase homes in Waikoloa Village.

    Properties Within Your Budget

    A good investor knows only to buy properties that fit your budget. If you spend more than you can recover through the monthly rental payment, you'll struggle to generate enough profit from your rental property. 

    Check the real estate trends for homes in your price range. In Waikoloa Village, you'll find homes that sell for a range of prices. The best-priced home for your portfolio is a property that helps you find quality tenants at a rental rate that helps you build your long-term wealth. 

    How do you find a property at the right price for your portfolio? A rental analysis can help you determine if a property is the right fit. When we take a look at the value of the property and analyze an ideal rental price, our expert property managers in Waikoloa can help investors know if a property is worth the price. 

    The Time of Year

    Is there a "best season" to make a new real estate investment? The sales trends can tell you!

    In Waikoloa Village, the real estate market research shows a higher number of homes sold in late spring and summer months. This year, we've seen home sales continue into the fall months. Investors should keep an eye on the market during this period: If the price is right, and the numbers make sense, you might find your next investment property on the market during these "hot" market months.

    Long-Term vs. Short-Term Rentals

    When searching for your next investment property, be sure you check the location and the regulations about short-term vs. long-term rentals. Hawaii County recently updated the regulations about where short-term rentals can be on the Big Island

    Before closing on new investment property, make sure it fits your needs—and your portfolio. You don't want to plan to use your next property as a short-term rental, then find out later it's in an area that only allows long-term property rentals. 

    Your Goals

    Your next investment property should be the next step toward reaching your long-term wealth goals. Sometimes, investors have to jump on a property if it's the right time and price to bring more revenue to your portfolio. 

    However, it can be an expensive mistake to buy a property that isn't right for your portfolio—especially if the price seems too good to be true. Using real estate marketing research and a local property management company in Waikoloa can help you see the reality of what a property can add to your investment strategy. This helps serious investors stay on track toward their financial goals. 

    A trusted team of experts will guide you to the best properties for your portfolio. They'll also steer you away from a property that might look good at first, but has data that indicates the opposite.

    Partner with Waikoloa Village Real Estate Experts to Build Your Wealth

    When real estate sales experts also understand the rental market, you have the ideal guide to help you build your portfolio. Hawaiian Dream Properties does the real estate market research to help investors find the right investment properties at the right time.

    We know what makes an excellent rental property in Waikoloa Village and other areas of the Big Island. No matter where you want to look for your next Big Island investment property, we have real estate market research to help you make a good decision. When you work with us, we can also provide expert property management services—so you never have to worry about the success of your new investment property. 

    Hawaiian Dream Properties partners with real estate investors to understand your goals and match you with the best properties and property management services on the Big Island. We're ready to help you invest and grow your wealth!

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